Moms Heart Beat Sound Makes The Baby Feel Secure

Arrival of baby to this world gives joy and parents feel as if they get entered into the new world.  Its beautiful soft skin with colour and cute little’s hands and fingers attracts you and gives more attention in taking care. Taking care of newly born baby seems o be difficult, especially for new moms. You can follow some simple steps to take care for your newborn baby  in initial stages as follows. Take bath daily in warm water and wear clean clothes. Wash your hands cleanly and wipe the wet with cotton towel before you take baby in your hands. This is due to avoid infection and allergies. Hold your baby girl correctly placing her head on the crook of arms with hand supporting the back bone of the baby. Feed them gently with the support of other hand. Handle baby with care and don’t shake her fastly, as it will lead to injury in brain. Whether you comfort her by either sleeping on bed or placing on your shoulders, without shaking, gently place her and give a pat. You can sing lullaby to make her sleep.


As your baby is not ready to understand the words or play, don’t throw them in air or jiggling on your knees or shoulders. For ten months baby is inside the womb, and when it comes out to this world, you need to show the transition by giving skin to skin contact for realization. This skin contact makes baby to realize or feel moms warm skin and can able hear the heart beat of mother when placed on shoulders. When baby is in womb, the only sound heard by her is heart beat of her mother; hence baby will get relaxed and feel secure when again she hears her mom’s heart beat.

Changing Baby’s Diapers For Every Two Hours Keeps Away From Infection

Talk to your baby often whenever she gets ups from her sleep, it helps for brain development and baby can able to learn some words faster. Hence it results in strong bond relationship. A newly born baby often seems to urinate more, so check the diapers for every two hours. Leaving the diapers for more than three hours will cause infections in the urinary tract of  new baby congratulations . Avoid using solid diapers, it creates rashes. Use cotton soft diapers.


The umbilical cord would be attached for 10 days to two weeks after birth. Since it is sensitive, take care and apply the medical powders as prescribed by doctors. Avoid wearing tight clothes to baby to avoid the pressure on umbilical cord area. The cord will get dry and heal faster. Clean the baby body gently with sponges. Clean your baby room often and vacuum it to free from dust particles. And wash baby clothes daily and allow it to dry on hot sun. Always wear cotton clothes, which make them comfortable for soft skins. Sterilize the feeding bottles thrice a daily. Mom also needs to clean her feeding area with water after every feeding. Feed the baby for every two hours, if she continually sleeps for 4 to 5 hours wake up her to feed her.


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