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Want to submit a post article on New Baby Congratulations?
I am more than happy for you to write for us!


Whether you are a seasoned writer, a mummy, blogger or a writer of all sorts, I would love it if you could write for us. I’m after someone that is keen on informing, educating, inspiring, motivating and engaging any reader or visitor. I can’t personally write about every parenting and possibly lifestyle topic under the sun, so I would love your help and contribution! Share your knowledge and experience. Know some tips or tricks when caring for a baby or child? Nutrition? Locations to take the family? Products? I would love to hear it all!

However, I will be personally reviewing each article/post so please make sure it is up to standards. Here’s how you can write for us.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Articles must be at least 500 words
  • Original content. I will be checking.
  • Parenting and some lifestyle related topics acceptable. Strictly don’t bother if it is not family-friendly or appropriate.
  • Grammatically correct and spell checked.
  • 3 Images minimum that is free to use and referenced.
  • No Affiliate Links. Commercial links will have a fee.
  • Please note that submitting your article, you must be happy for any minor amends to be made either to fit our editorial style (Although most of the time there wouldn’t be much editing) or any future changes.

I would love to see some previously written work along with the pitch/topic idea that you have. Though unfortunately, I do not pay for any guest posts. In return, if you submit an approved post, you’ll get an author bio and a backlink back to your blog.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m keen to hear from you!

I only accept a certain amount of guest bloggers per month, so get in touch and write for us today!

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