Care Your New Born Baby Girl With Softly With New Trends

It is really fun to take care of newborn baby girl because you can discover a wonderful world as a mother. Most important aspect that you have to concentrate is on helping your baby to get lots of rest because your baby can grow very stronger and healthier with plenty of rest. The resting time of infants varies and usually they can rest upto 16 hours a day. The sleeping habit of babies differs and some may only sleep for 3-3 hours at a time. They woke up if they have not fed for 4 hours continuously. Most of the babies get confused with the night and day as they sleep continuously during day time and stay awake during night time. You should be careful inorder to care your baby with lots of patience until your bay reaches a normal sleeping cycle. Always alternate the position of babies head to eliminate the soft spot that appears on sleeping position of baby.


Most important aspect that you have to consider for new baby  is to feed them because you cannot make your baby to drink packaged milk as it cannot meet the diet requirement of your child. In first 24 hours you should nurse your child with 8 -12 times and have to follow a schedule. Make sure you feed your baby if it shows a sign of hunger and ensure you feed your child waking up in sleep if the baby does not indicate any sign of hunger. Inorder to provide your child with good milk, you should follow a healthy food routine and avoid those foods that makes your child weak. Never allow your child to sleep for more than 40 minutes without taking the milk. Alcohol and caffeine are the ones that can easily enter the breast milk and so pleas avoid them during the gestation and breasting period. Always sterilize those bottles that are used to feed your baby because it can be affected by dangerous germs.


You should take care not to store formula in fridge for more hours because it can affect the bottle quality and thereby your baby. Get those diapers which are uses high quality on your baby else it can form rashes on their body. Never use same diapers always because it is not good for the health of your baby. It will be a good measure to avoid these napkins during night time inorder to relief your child from suffocation. Remove diapers whenever it gets dirty to avoid the rashes and other skin allergies. Always apply some moisturizing cream that is made for babies. This can avoid their bodies from getting dry and rough. Always be careful while bathing your newborn and use only mild soaps that do not make your babies skin dry. You can start bathing your baby once the umbilical cord falls of and you can regularly bath your child after two weeks. It will be better to seek the help of a nurse or people who can help you to bath your child because they might know more about do and don’ts regarding bathing.

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