8 Fun Games to Play at a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to get together with a mom-to-be and celebrate the coming baby. They are a wonderful afternoon of food and friendship, and with the right games, they can be a blast. Gone are the days of boring baby shower games. For your next baby shower make sure to include some of these great games to keep the afternoon fun!

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Play-Doh Babies

Give each person playing a small cup of different colored play-doh. They will have fifteen minutes to transform those blobs of play-doh into the cutest baby possible. If you want guests to get even more creative you can set out plastic knives and tools to allow them to sculpt. Everyone loved playing with play-doh as a child, and this game draws on nostalgia to make for a fun event with friends.

First Portrait

Bring out the inner Picasso of all of your guests with this fun yet easy game. Each person will need a piece of paper and a washable marker or crayon. Have them put their paper on their forehead and then set a time for one minute. Everyone has to draw a picture of what they think your baby will look like when it’s born. The mom-to-be will get to select the winner of all the doodled portraits.

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Ice Cube Baby

Freeze small plastic babies in an ice cube tray the night before the baby shower. At the shower put one frozen ice cube baby in each person’s drink. Whoever has their baby melt free from the cube first has to yell “my water broke!” and will win! Don’t be surprised if guests try to make the ice cube melt faster to free their baby in hopes of winning a prize. The best part of this game is that you can get it ready beforehand and it takes very little effort on the actual day of the party!

Don’t Say Baby

Each guest that comes to the baby shower will be outfitted with five clothes pins on their clothes. The only rule of this game is that you can’t say the word “baby”. If anyone says it they will lose a clothes pin. At the end of the shower, the person with the most clothes pins still on their clothes will be the winner! This game costs very little to set up and can be free if you have enough clothes pins, making it perfect for a baby shower on a budget.

Price is Right

If the mom-to-be has already begun receiving gifts off of the registry then you can use those along with some other common baby items to set up your own baby shower version of this popular game. Guests will try to guess the price of each item, with the winner the person who comes closest to the actual price without going over. No matter how often you’re at the store looking at prices, this game is tough!

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Feed Daddy

If the dad-to-be is involved in the shower then be prepared for a great game that will have everyone laughing. Mixed baby showers are a great way to let everyone help celebrate the coming baby. While the men may get a little messy, if they have a fun spirit they will laugh their way through this game as much as the women will. You’ll want to make sure that you put some sort of plastic protection on the men to keep their clothes from getting dirty. Blindfold the women and have them feed their partners baby food. This is a great interactive game that involves the men in the fun!


It’s easy to turn information about the upcoming baby into a bingo card. Some of the boxes could be about the due date, cravings, boy vs girl, nursery theme, etc. Putting this information on a number of cards and then playing Bingo is a great way for people there to learn more about the mom-to-be and what she hopes for her baby. Instead of being generic pregnancy information, the personalized touch helps this game stand out.

Guess the Baby

For this game, you will need to have guests bring along a picture of themselves when they were a baby. Each guest will receive a number to put on their picture and some tape to hang it on the wall. Everyone will then fill out a sheet trying to match the baby picture to the adult at the party. Whoever comes up with the correct matches wins!

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Making a baby shower fun doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. Any of these games will add some unique flair to your baby shower and make it one that all of the guests will remember. By combining a few of these different game into one enjoyable afternoon, you can help the mom-to-be celebrate this exciting time in her life!

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