The Baby Shower Checklist

Are you getting ready to throw a baby shower whether for yourself or someone else? We want to help you make it a special day as possible, and that starts with planning the basics. We’ve got a short guide that can help get your baby-shower-planner engines running so you can host the most memorable and festive celebration!

  • When Should I Have the Baby Shower?
  • Where Should I Have the Baby Shower?
  • What Kind of Catering Should I Have?
  • What Theme Should I Have?

When Should I Have the Baby Shower?

It will definitely vary according to the mother-to-be and how she is feeling in her stages of pregnancy. A celebration can be held anytime after conception or even after the baby is born. Baby showers are often held later in the pregnancy, usually at 7 months, where she can enjoy the party a bit more comfortably and safely.

Having the baby shower before pregnancy lets the mother-to-be organise all the items received from guests and decide if anything else needs to be purchased before the due date. If the shower is held after the celebration, guests can purchase items based on the gender of the baby, and who doesn’t want to see an adorable newborn?!

When Should I Have the Baby Shower

Where Should I Have the Baby Shower?

The venue should be selected based on budget and personal preferences. For example, a backyard or at-home celebration will be more intimate with close friends, family or just a smaller guest list. Besides being the least costly, you’re also free to decorate however you like, and the only hard part will be the cleanup.

If you’ve got a bigger budget you could rent a room at your favourite restaurant where the catering, setup and cleanup is managed by staff. This will be convenient if you don’t have the time or energy to do everything yourself.

Local parks are also a great venue for a celebration in spring or summer with lots of space for all the kids (and adults!) to run around. A picnic or barbeque would be a perfect way to celebrate among the outdoors. Make sure you pick a date with nice weather!

Where Should I Have the Baby Shower

What Kind of Catering Should I Have?

Guests are not going to be expecting a full-course meal when attending a baby shower, so you don’t have to worry about finding the most delicious cuisines in all the lands! Depending on your budget you could hire a caterer who can customise the treats based on your given preferences as well as deliver it to your location. If you’re celebrating at a restaurant, they might serve a special menu for you or guests can simply choose their own dishes.
Otherwise, if you’re up to the task of handling it yourself, a range of finger food or desserts will be perfect selection. You can opt for mini sandwiches, sweets or cupcakes; the possibilities are endless and up to personal taste and time. Make sure you’ve checked with guests for any food allergies!

What Theme Should I Have?

There are endless possibilities to the themes that your baby shower will revolve around! Most of the time in celebrating the newborn, it is also personalized to the mother-to-be, whether she’s fond of decoration filled with simplicity, youthfulness or extravagance. Be inspired by cute animals, children’s’ fictional books, movies, or baby motifs like teddy bears and stars.

Colour themes are the most popular and easiest to decorate with, choose from hues of pinks, blues or yellows – these have been most associated with newborns. Once you’ve got your theme nailed down, you can start on finding the perfect invitations that match your theme. Remember to include all the details and baby registry if you’ve got one!

What Theme Should I Have

Make sure you’ve got all the basic components settled down first, so then you can spend more time planning all the fun games and enjoying the happy celebration of a new little bub!

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