What to Consider Before Having a Baby

Deciding to have a baby is very exciting, but before you start picking out baby clothes there are a few important things to consider. Having a child is a huge decision and not one that you should undertake lightly. When you and your partner think that you’re reading to start a family make sure that you consider these things before trying. You can save yourself and your child a lot of frustration in the future if you are sure that you’re completely prepared.

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Your Health

While your grandmother or great-grandmother may have had their children late in life, having kids as you get older isn’t something most women do anymore. The reason for this is simple: your health. There are a lot of health risks that older women run into when they get pregnant, and for that reason, it’s safer to have children younger. If you are worried about your health then it’s a good idea to go to the doctor and get an OK before trying to get pregnant.


Let’s face it, kids are really expensive. From health insurance to formula and diapers, to saving for school and activities, you will spend a lot of money to have a kid. Even hidden expenses like care providers and a large enough car for everyone to travel together can add up. Before you decided to have a baby you will need to sit down with your budget and make sure that you can afford it. Even small items like baby clothes and bottles add up quickly – don’t forget the nappies!


While some people try to save their relationship with their partner by having a child, you need to know that it usually doesn’t work. Kids are stressful, expensive, and will keep you up at night, leading to short tempers due to being fatigued. If your relationship isn’t strong already, then having a baby won’t fix anything. On the other hand, if you are in a loving, committed relationship then having a baby is an exciting time for both of you!


It doesn’t matter how great you are at juggling everything that life throws at you, having a child can make even the most organized mom struggle with getting tasks completed. Make sure that you have a great support system in place that’s willing to help you when you need it. Even a babysitter for date night is a great thing to have lined up before you get pregnant. You’ll also need to consider child care if you are going to continue working after the baby is born.

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Your Career Path

This is a discussion among women that has been going on for years. Some people think that you can’t have both a family and a career, while others seem to make it work. If the thought of taking time off work to take care of a family makes you nervous then you might want to wait a while until you are more secure in your career. You can have both a career and a family, but you will have to make sure that the timing is just right!


While this may seem selfish to think about, having a child really changes your lifestyle. You will be enriched in ways that you can’t imagine, but will also have to make numerous sacrifices for your family. Each decision that you make after having a baby will take another person into consideration. If you love to travel or go on extravagant shopping sprees you will have to consider whether or not you will be able to do that after becoming a mom. Your child’s needs will always come first, and you need to be OK with that before getting pregnant.

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Other Children

If you have other kids already then you will want to take a look at your family dynamic before deciding to add to your family. While they shouldn’t have the final say on the decision, you will need to worry about whether or not you can handle another child. Is there enough of you or your partner to go around at the end of the day when your kids need you most?

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Deciding to start a family is a really exciting time in any woman’s life. But before you go down that path, make sure that you have considered the repercussions of your decision and are comfortable with your ability to provide for your child and give them the best home possible. You will be sacrificing your time, energy, and money for your baby, and while being a parent is rewarding and wonderful, you have to be willing to do that. Once you have considered all of these issues and made up your mind about having a child you will be faced with a whole host of other things to consider: such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and cloth diapering, so be prepared to make some important decisions!

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