The Coolest Developmental Toys for Little Boys & Girls

Child development is an important part of growing up for children. The earlier it is encouraged, the better. Many people assume that toys are only given to children for enjoyment. However, they play an important role in the development of a child’s cognitive functions and builds upon their imagination.

Toys can help toddlers to master colors, coordination and balance while at the same time keeping them amused. Being occupied in a task gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which is important to their growth.

The Coolest Developmental Toys for Little Boys & Girls (2)

Here are just some amazing toys and inspiration for babies:

Top-Bright Activity Cube

This is a unisex toy suitable for boys and girls aged 1 year. However, according to the manufacturer it can be used up to the 10 year age range. It would be a cool gift for a child to have for as a birthday present, for instance. One good thing about it is that it offers so many options and developmental advantages that it can be used for a few years.

This activity cube is great for developing the child’s cognitive and coordination skills. It has beads, gears, sliders, and rotators to encourage reaching, grasping as well as logical thinking and sense of time in that order.

Bright colors encourage cognitive ability and to differentiate things. New-born babies only see in black and white and cannot differentiate colors, but as they develop they begin to recognize and tell colors apart.

The maze has enough gadgets to keep the child busy for hours, giving the parent some rest. Some toys offer very few options and the baby easily gets bored, but this is a cube with many options and challenges.

It is very safe: With smooth corners as well as non-toxic paint and soft gadgets with no sharp edges.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This toy is suitable for babies aged six months and above. It is important to ensure that the toy you buy for your child is fit for the child’s age. This may not possibly amuse a four-year-old but would be a great toy for a younger child.

The ball is made of several different materials to help develop the baby’s sense of touch. It also helps develop the mental ability to differentiate things through different textures.

The different, high-contrast colors help the baby develop its vision and cognitive ability and the ability to master and differentiate different colors. Due to the bright colors, the baby is also able to focus on the toy without being distracted by brighter things.

The rattling noise help attract the kid’s attention and curiosity while keeping it amused at the same time.
It is a very safe toy for the baby. The ball is made of soft material and there are no hard edges to injure your little prince and princess. This is very important, as more than 100,000 babies suffer toy injuries every year.

Child’s Classic Wooden Pounding Bench by Cubbie Lee

This great unisex toy has the advantage of saving the parents the cost of buying different toys in case they have both boy and girl.

It is a highly-durable model that comes with a 5-year warranty. This means that it can be transferred from one child to the next over a number of years, making it cost-effective.

Even though it is a hammering toy, it has very smooth edges, enabling the child to enjoy him or herself without causing harm. The toy has been tested to meet required US safety standards.

This toy helps the toddler develop both motoring and construction skills, which is great for development. It also helps develop the baby’s aiming skills. This might be helpful as the child grows.

It is a very colorful toy with different, bright colors. As mentioned, bright colors help develop cognitive ability, focus, and variety.

You can also browse through sites like to find great toys for baby boys.


The Coolest Developmental Toys for Little Boys & Girls

The next time you buy that toy for your child, therefore, keep in mind that a child’s toy is not just for enjoyment.

Not only can you speed up your child’s mental development with toys, but they are great tools for building character. A good toy will help your toddler develop a purpose, develop its attention span and develop interests that may play a big role in adult life.

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