How To Care And Grow A Newborn Baby Girl

Babies are dream of every couple, after a marriage every human will expect to give birth to young ones but only few can able to achieve it and others cannot so they will opt for invert fertilization or they will adopt a new born. The babies are very soft and they do not have proper education of how to live, how to walk and how to eat so their parents should train them in all walks of their life. many couples will dream of giving birth to girl baby because today the population girls is very low therefore they will have such wish, but after giving birth a baby we should care it a proper way. Some of the important steps followed in caring a new baby congratulations are, first we should allow the baby to sleep well because sleep helps the child to grow healthy and strong and every new born has to sleep about sixteen hours a day. at the beginning the new born will sleep two to three hours at a time later after the feeding time it will again sleep for two hours, allow the baby to rest at its back do not support the baby with its soft spot. Some babies may confused with day and night so they will sleep in the day time and stay alert at night so parents should be patients and stay calm towards the baby. The newborns should be breastfeed every four hours a day because the babies get all its strength and energy from mother’s milk so does not forget to feed your baby daily and avoid feeding cow’s milk and other artificial baby food because it is unhealthy and will result in allergic reactions in babies. People should be very careful in caring their babies because even a small mistake will lead to big problems so be sure in every step you take.


How to care newborns?

Breastfeeding mothers should stay hydrated and they should have healthy diet which is rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates, they should drink plenty of water and should avoid alcohol and should stop smoking. If you had stopped breastfeeding then give farm fresh cow milk to kids, before giving it sterilize the bottle cleanly and feed them with care, along with milk provide them non fat foods made out of grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits, Do not add sodium or salt in their foods because it may damage their internal organs.


How To Handle Newborn Babies?

If you have  new baby congratulations  we should it care and handle it in a proper way, when lifting the babies do not leave their head alone because the newborn head will not be attached to the bones properly so we should be very careful in lifting the babies. Do not shake the babies hand or legs improperly because it will damage the bones instead massage them using natural oil and moisturize their skin. Do not take newborns out until they become three months to six months older.

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